A downloadable visual novel

Alexandra's always been told that the world was made for two. But what about the stars? Does that still hold true?

||| For Public Domain Jam 2015|||

  • Synopsis...

Everlasting: Per Terra Ad Aspera is a short visual novel about a star that falls from space to Earth, who must decide what her fate shall be now that she's separated from her other half.

6 endings in total | 3 paths to get there | Around 3,200 words altogether

0.5 [5/25/15]

0.6 [5/25/15]

0.7 [5/30/15] - Current Build

Final build for the jam, barring any game breaking bugs. Please enjoy!

Ren'Py lint report, generated at: Sat May 30 21:04:24 2015


The game contains 403 dialogue blocks, containing 3,260 words and 16,832

characters, for an average of 8.1 words and 42 characters per block.

The game contains 8 menus, 37 images, and 19 screens.

Remember to set config.developer to False before releasing.

Lint is not a substitute for thorough testing. Remember to update Ren'Py

before releasing. New releases fix bugs and improve compatibility.

  • System Requirements...

- Windows XP and up

- Mac OS X 10.6 and up

- Linux x86/x86_64

Everlasting: Per Terra Ad Aspera is run on the Ren'Py engine (6.99) and is packaged as a self-contained application.

  • Credits...

- "When I Heard The Learn'd Astronomer" by Walt Whitman

- "The River" by Sara Teasdale


- Texture by Sirius-sdz

- CScribes Logos by Reikun

- Patreon Special Thanks KittyKatStar & Jen Lusky

- Ren'Py by Py'Tom & Co.

  • Also...

For any questions, feedback, or concerns, contact @TheStorysinger or @CScribes on twitter.

Install instructions

  • How To Play...
  1. Press the download and choose a price. Don't stress! This is a jam game and does not require payment of any kind :)
  2. Afterwards, right click on the folder after it appears and click on "extract all". I promise I'm not sending you viruses of any kind so, do check if it flags it as such...
  3. Then, extract the contents to your desired location.
  4. Finally, go to the newly extracted game and double click on its icon, a white star (hopefully... if not, you should see Eileen, ren'py's friendly mascot!).
  5. Enjoy!


Everlasting_PAAT-0.7-win.zip 85 MB
Everlasting_PAAT-0.7-mac.zip 84 MB
Everlasting_PAAT-0.7-linux.tar.bz2 86 MB